32 weeks

Here's the comparison ;)! Maybe I'll stop doing this but I think it's so fun for myself to see the differences. I have started having more heart burn these past couple weeks- I slowed down on the weight gain and baby mvp is still measuring quite big! My mom and sisters are here helping to throw me a baby shower this weekend! More to come on that!! 


30 weeks.

Pregnancy definitely has its up's and downs. I definitely miss being able to workout as hard as I want and having the energy and movability to have spontaneous dance parties. I really miss cuddling my hazel on my belly! But I like the belly, I LOVE thinking about the end result, and I love that everyone makes excuses for everything you do ;) (eating, forgetfullness, cranky, extra naps, extra foot rubs/pedicures.....)
Here is the 30 week side by side. This pregnancy is going much quicker than the last. I feel like my belly is much bigger. My belly button was still an innie with hazel and it's already almost a flatty! I passed my glucose, I think i've gained less than last time... (don't worry about my 9lbs gain in 4 weeks...) The belly rubs and comments are becoming a regular thing. I still love Pinesol, and pretty much any cleaning products. I can't decided much about baby's room, and I am so nervous about summer and swelling- 
Happy 30 weeks last saturday (5/3/14)