Happy 30th!

Happy 30th birthday to an amazing beautiful big sissy brittikay!!!!
The best crier in the family ;) 


Babysitters club

 we just started a babysitting co-op and every 4th Saturday we watch 5 kiddos! But the other 3 we get to go out! This was last Saturday when hazel was at the sitters, she got water all over her so they were drying her clothes...
and our latest date night: sushi with friends!!

Our funny face picture
A more normal pic!



Hazel and I were lucky enough to take a trip up to Chicago for a long weekend to visit erin!!!! In her NEW house!!!! while pete was out of town.... PARTAY!

The new house is absolutely AhMazing! lots of stairs, but a great workout. We got a tour of the house, and afterwards, Hazel continued to walk around saying "Check it out guys, check it out guys..." hahaha

we ate a lot of delicious food. Erin took me to her awesome workout studio The Bar Method, which kicked my butt!, shopped, froze to death, watched TV, hung out, late night chats, and some other fun events!!!

We were so spoiled! Erin even made this sweet potato chili to die for. It is yummy. I may steal the recipe for the chili cook-off.

We miss auntie erin and uncle pete already! 

love my little cuddle bug

with how cold it was, we watched some extra tv :)
Hazel trying to change auntie erin's diaper
This is how we survived taking Hazel shopping!
on our trip home, hazel stole my bagel.

Thanks Erin! we LOVE you!


Chick fil a

We love chick fil a around here! No but seriously, it's like a once a week thing we do with friends to get out and let the kids play. It is the nicest fast food restaurant, great service and so clean!!! Here's hazel and livi the other day enjoying their chicken!

Mmm... I think I'm getting hungry!


Omaha visitors!

Last weekend we had the best visitors out here in omaha!! Britt rich and Mac came on Wednesday (rich had to go to some work meetings until thur night) so it was britt Mac hazel and I to play!!! We had doctors appointments to go to, we went out to dinners, shopped, nails done, card games played- oh and Brittani and rich treated us to an amazing steak dinner! If you ever happen to be in Omaha it is apparently the best not only in omaha, but one of the top steak houses in the US! The Chop House! Delicious! Thanks britt rich and Mac for coming and playing!!!! 

Oh and Brittani let me drag her to Zumba class a couple times:)!!!! 



My little gymnast and her new leotard she got for Christmas 


A California Christmas

Back to California we went for 11 days! We had a BLAST but as always, it's nice to be back in our routine. 

We arrived December 19th. First stop: 
In-N-out burger

Mmm... Love me a burger and animal fries! Any good burger recommendations here in Nebraska??

A few clients, a few parties, tons of good food and treats for the next few days

Oh and a sharks game!!

Blowing out some birthday candles

Sunday church with daddy: on her actually birthday!!!!!!
Opening birthday presents with Grammy 

Christmas Eve {a day early} for our Ethan and Addie. Edward got crazy... Especially with the 49er win!
Is it sad that that is the only picture I have from the whole night! Haha

This was Christmas morning, Hazel was trying to take videos of everyone. She's fun!

Friday the 27th we got to go to the BYU bowl game at AT&T park... Bummer game, but fun time!

Super cheesin! 

While we were at the game, hazey got to ride bikes with uncle pete!!

Oh and somehow I don't have a single picture from her 2nd birthday party! More on that to come!



First all, Thank you to all of my family and friends for your love and support during my journey. Especially Jason. He is stressed enough in school, but when I was in school too- it may have stressed him out more ;). Thanks for letting me reach my goals Jas!!!

I finally got my Bachelors. It's about freakin time, right? Well, I was on the long path and let me take you down my schooling journey.

2006- Graduated high school & Cosmetology school
2007,2008- played around, got my first 'F', changed my major from pre-nursing to business and started taking some general courses.
2009- committed myself to becoming a nurse, although i had always wanted to, I never thought I was smart enough (hence my F) or dedicated enough, this time I meant it. started completing pre-requisites for nursing school
2010- Accepted to Nursing 
2012- Graduated with my Associates in Nursing and passes my NCLEX-RN
2012- was accepted into a BSN program
2013- Graduated with my Bachelors of science in Nursing.

I think I am all done with school. 

For now.

I can't wait for my Diploma to arrive.

I didn't really believe I had graduated, until today, when I logged onto my school account and found this:
Degree Application Details
StatusDegree TypeDegreeMajorGraduation Session/YearWalking Ceremony Session/YearAction
Degree PostedOtherBachelor of ScienceNursingFall 2013 
Status Key:
  • Degree Posted - Your degree has been posted to your transcript. Diplomas will be mailed within 4-6 weeks. If needed, you may order a transcript documenting your completed degree by selecting the "Transcript Request" link on the left side of this page. Congratulations!