Happy 6 years!

Happy six years on 8/15 to my handsome hubby!! In six years we have grown so much together. I am so blessed to have such an amazing husband to put up with me ;) on our actual anniversary we had a few visitors rich, Zach, Madeline, rue and Harper. We went to Stella's burgers for dinner with everyone and played games that night! On Saturday- our awesome neighbors babysat while Jason and I went to sushi and then computer shopped!

From this: (8/2008)

to this: 08/2014

Grammy and popsie come to town

Grammy and popsie came to town to meet mr. Mitchell! We all were spoiled and ate delicious food. We got Mitchell's room pretty much finished up and shopped- and hazel loved the attention!!!

A couple room shots 

Pool fun at the hotel!! She was in heaven and got to go twice!!

Thanks for a fun visit!!!! We will see you soon when we come home!!


Big sissy

Hazel is loving her role as a big sissy- for the most part ;) she is always asking if she can kiss Mitchell on the mouth or hold him or even help change his diaper! And yes she has even started trying to 'nurse' her baby dolls!

We have been trying to do more one on one things with her to give her more attention so yesterday I took her to the zoo (it was members appreciation day so there were all kinds of cool things) she had to wear her izzy costume and here she is making sure she is just barely tall enough to go on the jumpy house

And here is a blurry one of a full smile I caught from Mitchell!