MVP 11 months

Poor Mitchell has not had nearly as many posts as Hazel had by this age... Second child syndrome I guess. Well my little Maui man is quite the character: we call him Maui, mau-man, stinkio and really any other crazy name Hazel comes up with! He is wearing size 3 and moving on up to size 4 diapers- wearing 12 month clothes, has a favorite blanket and it is adorable when he wants his blankey. He sees it and giggles and then proceeds to bury his face in it! He likes his binkies- he eats everything and anything. Mitchell has 2 teeth, crawls fast, pulls himself up on everything, LOVES playing with cars and riding in the outside push car, he still loves his mamas milk. Maui goes to bed about 7 and wakes up about 730-8. Takes a couple naps. Enjoyed his first camping experience with bug bites to prove it. Mitchell can climb stairs fast, loves his baths, and is super smiley. It amazes me to see his personality coming out. My heart bursts seeing hazey and mau playing together. They love each other and Hazel is always asking if Maui is awake so she can go get him and play with him.