Best buds

Mitchell and Logan are just a few weeks apart and they love hanging out together! They have started getting so excited to see each other- it's adorable! But the best was the other nights bath together! 


Half marathon

I ran my first half marathon on thanksgiving! It was so stupid! But only because it was a trail run, 20 degrees and snowing/slushy/muddy! But I did it! I trained and ran it!!! And turns out a friend from Omaha Emily was running it too! So we got to run together! She so willingly slowed down for me! I have a couple more I'm planning this year.. Road runs, in the warmer...


Dental prom

Last Saturday was dental prom! I tried to get some friends to come with but it seemed kinda silly to spend so much on an open bar when none of us drink 😂 so we decided to spend the money on a fancy dinner! We dress shopped, found cute dresses and went out to a fancy dinner- like the places that cooks all the food infront of you! (Benihanas) type place! It was awesome! 
Prom pose!



Do you watch the bachelor?! Well I never did until I realized how fun of a girls night it makes and I am all for girls nights!! 
Last Monday... We had a little fun with it 
Filling out brackets with our rose pens

Oh and Hazel loved playing wedding with the flowers haha



Today I cleaned! In fact, I purged! I filled three garbage bags of clothing to get rid of. I was talking to my friend about it later and learned that she had been doing the same thing, from the guidance of a book called The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. So that will be my next book to read- oh and since we are moving in May it is perfect time to start purging!


She thinks she owns the house

Hazel thinks she owns the house... Oh wait maybe she runs it ;) 
Sitting on her throne 


Hazel is 4!

Hazel turned 4 back in December! We had a fashion show dress up party! Seriously so fun! Now if I can just get my hands on the video of the fashion show!


Hazel Prayers

Hazel's prayers have becoming more personalized these days, as in she doesn't repeat the exact phrase for every prayer. It is so adorable and sometimes hilarious to hear her concerns and wants. For example, on Sunday, Mitchell and Jason stayed home from church because Mitchell has a cough. Hazel is just getting over her cough so she asked why Mitchell is staying home because he is a little bit sick, but she is a little bit sick and going to church.. Valid question my Hazel... I responded in the best way I could and told her that Mitchell is more likely to get all the other kids sick because he likes to put things in his mouth. Her prayer then consisted of, "Please help Mitchell to not lick anything.."
Some other requests, "Please bless that we can paint tomorrow" "Please bless that Quinn and Reese can come play." "Please bless that we can go to Disneyland again."

I love the tender mercies of our sweet children. I guess she is learning how to pray, and this is only the beginning... :)

On another note a few of my favorites from Disneyland

Hazel after her bippity boppity boutique 

Riding the carousel

Mitchell giving mommy kisses 😍😍



Christmas 2015 in Disneyland was a success. 


Grandma Wagner

This post is long overdue, but better late than never. My Grandma Wagner passed away on October 11, 2015. She is missed but I am grateful for my knowledge of forever families and that I will see her again! We were able to visit her grave while we were home.
I was fortunate enough to go home for her funeral with the kids. It was so great to be around so much family and to feel the great love of my family and my grandmothers life


New year!

Happy new year my friends!! I hate getting so behind on my blog then I feel like I can't start blogging again. But my auntie Barbara (hey auntie Barbara!) told me it doesn't matter- I don't need to back blog, just start from where I am at! So here it goes. Welcome 2016!! I have not had a chance to set New Years resolutions, but I have decided this is one! My blog, which is also my journal. We were able to go to Disneyland with the Pickett clan for Christmas, and then spend some time in Napa with the Wagner side. It was so fun! Here are a couple pictures!