Catch up

Halloween was a lot of fun! We won best family costume with us being tangled (hazel rapunzel, Mitchell pascal, Jason Flynn Ryder and Devyn mother gothel) 
(Not staged!!) 

Giants won the World Series! Again ;) 

Then November came around 

Hazel needed an Anna to her Elsa- cute Mitchell Anna! 

I chopped my hair
Mitchell's stocking arrived.

Hazel has started to love making funny faces! 

Mitchell turned 4 months on 11/10! He is rolling like crazy wears 6 mo clothes and at his 4 month checkup was 27inches long and 14lbs 8oz! Still EBF and we love every minute of it!

Mitchell has been enjoying eating his feet, trying to feed himself a bottle, playing with his giants Mickey, and wearing his snow suit! 

Hazel enjoys taking selfie after selfie of herself on my phone (I have about 50 of this shot!) nice pic haze haze!

To be continued...