25-26 weeks


I haven't taken enough or really hardly any bump shots this pregnancy! But I'm bigger than ever this time 😜 
I am 25.5 weeks and I think these other two were at 26 weeks! Baby Clark had his big ultrasound this week and is measuring in the 90th percentiles! Typical Wagner boy! 
I think the official name is Clark! We will see if it sticks!! 


Las Vegas

We've officially moved to Vegas.. Almost a month ago now! It's tricky getting around in a new place and figuring out where things are and making new friends. Thankfully we have smart phones that tell us exactly where to go to find things and thankfully we have some family and other resident families we automatically have a connection with! 
Moving is super chaotic! And messsssssy! We are enjoying our new house though!

Isn't it so fun to find old random things when you are unpacking 😂😂😂

Or use the kitchen table to build a train because there is not enough empty floor space 

Trying to enjoy the August heat! It's starting to cool down a lot at night and it is fabulous!

A lot more to post about but I have my second shift at my new job tomorrow so good night!