Laundry basket fun

Hazel spent a good part of the morning climbing in and out, laying, reading books, making mommy push and pull her around in this awesome toy- the laundry basket!


Let me know if I can help

I would do most any service asked of me, but do I seek out service like I should? I always am so hesitant to ask for favors...What/why is it that we are too prideful to ask? is that it? Is it because we do not want to burden others and impose on them? and then i remembered this talk Elder Rasband gave in April 2012 general conference..

 "Thus another special lesson learned: If you come upon a person who is drowning, would you ask if they need help—or would it be better to just jump in and save them from the deepening waters? The offer, while well meaning and often given, “Let me know if I can help” is really no help at all." 

I love that quote. How many times have we said this to our visiting teachers or have we heard this... next time lets be PROactive!
This quote is so true, but how are we supposed to know what others need unless we are in tune with the spirit.  


RIP car.

Our car was declared a total loss. Boo. BUT on the plus side we were given a very nice chunk of money for that wonderful car of ours... it was a reliable, great gas mileage, trustworthy friend that never had any problems. We probably would have kept that baby for a few hundred thousand more miles. okay maybe exaggeration but it was going at that rate. so now our big decision, what do we buy. Oh car shopping, we meet again. and since i only have my beautiful rental for one more week we better hurry. I am currently driving a 2011 Mazda CX-7. it is very nice i feel so spoiled in it. going from a small car to a nice suv will do that i guess. It even heats up quicker than my honda did which is a plus considering the freezing cold, snow, ice, freeze your face off weather we have.
~my dream car will include
*a remote starter (i can always add that in later, right?!)
*a very powerful heater and AC
*safe for my baby.
*gets me from point a to point b
these are my pickiest expectations. I hope all those are in our budget :) (okay i am much pickier than that, but i will be very happy to have a working car!)


icy roads on a friday night

Last Friday night, I left late for work. I left our parking lot, got part way down the street and realized two things: 1. i had no gas 2. i left my wallet at home. So of course I turned around to go back to get my wallet. I call Jason to see if he will run it out to me when I got infront of our house, i tried to turn into our parking lot and couldn't. I just started slipping and sliding. I went over and back down a curb, and then slid a 180 to end up next to the curb, but on the wrong side (facing oncoming traffic). I didn't think much of this because it is such a quiet road, but i was stuck in ice. I backed up some, but couldn't go forward at all. as I was trying to figure out what to do and on the phone with Jason I see headlights shining on me, a car was coming and was also trying to turn into village green, but the ice caught them. i start screaming on the phone and the truck hit me head on. We both got out of our cars to asses damage, of course nothing was wrong with his big truck, but my little honda had some bad front damage. we were about to get insurance cards out when we saw a set of headlights coming our way. we ran out of the way just in time for an SUV to fall victim to the ice and slid right into the back of the pick-up which then hit my car again. This time we were knocked free from the ice, but with much more damage. Jason was able to move my car down the hill into a different parking area. Three more cars proceeded to slip and slid but able to avoid our cars. I had to get off to work so Jason waited while the tow truck came and i took his car to work. it was a scary 30 min drive to work, and then Jason let me know the tow truck driver said we should probably start looking for a new car because ours looked pretty bad. It was a crazy night and all I can think about now is what i could have done to avoid it all. I know I can't do ANYTHING now so i should stop dwelling on it, but it's hard not to think of the what if's. Thank goodness for good car insurance, tow service and rental car service-  i get to pick up a rental tomorrow. and fingers crossed they call and say oh we just need to replace your hood and front bumper (and it not be totaled!!!) or we may be car hunting..again. I feel like we just went through this. Oh yeah 3.5 years ago when this happened.. okay that was a lot scarier. UGh now to deal with all the fun that comes with this- you can find me on my phone for the next few weeks getting this all sorted out.


happy love day!

Happy love day! we had a great day and i got to spend it with my little love hazey and then had a fun short evening with jason's favorite meal of Pizza (heart shaped) and martinellis!

never a dull moment.

who knew that having a child there would never be a dull moment... oh I am sure all of you already knew that... hazel seriously just has me laughing and amazed every day. even when i don't want to be, i am smiling at that girl from ear to ear. here was our day recap, okay like an hour in the morning recap!

she was putting her blocks in with her animal crackers.
and see these empty food pouches below.. that was JUST breakfast. i let her pick out from the cupboard what she wanted and apparently the apple strawberry applesauce is a HIT. (yogurt not from cupboard..don't worry)

an obsession of hers is playing on beds and in pillows and in mirrors


Auntie Erin comes to play!

This weekend Auntie Erin came to play! Even though she was swamped with work she managed to play with hazey, cuddle with hazey, watch TV with hazey and even change a poppy diaper!! She also took us to dinner and we went shopping and did her hair of course! Oh and we watched pitch perfect. That movie is hilarious!


Silly girl

Little miss hazel just cracks me up.... When she isn't driving me nutso and can let go of me for one minute she does the silliest things and I just love her all the time(even when I'm going crazy)

she will run up and down our sidewalk for hours if i let her! like it's the most fun thing in the world

she often does this as well as twirl and twirl!

she talks to cookie monster on her diapers

she found this snack holder at the store and would NOT let go of it so of course i had to get it, it wasn't until i got home and was changing her diaper i realized that thats why she likes him because she always talks to him

hazel found this newspaper rack at the restaurant the other night and it made a perfect chair right? well except her foot kept getting stuck and she'd get mad :) below is a better view haha

silly girl gives kisses through the tupperware

hazel always ventures into Jason's closet when the door is left open and will steal his shoes.. and sometimes leave one of her own!

this was actually today, if you look closely to the left of the crib, there are 5 binkys thrown overboard. she thinks it so funny to throw them all out laugh and run around and then get SO mad and scream until i come throw them back in... ugh.. maybe binkys need to be gone...



I am tired all the time and I don't blame Hazel, I blame my night job. Because we have been sleep training hazel, well not sure if you call it that, but basically we put her to bed between 7-730 and don't get her out until after 7 am. if she cries, its usually not for more than a few minutes and sometimes she plays, but if i go in there, it makes it SO much worse.... so back to being tired. twice a week i work 10 pm to 6 am. and then i sleep from 630-1230ish that day. but then a couple times a week i get up at 5am to go to the gym and i think it really throws me off. But they say going to the gym will help with energy levels. What to do?! Do i switch what time i go to the gym? (a group of us all carpool to the early class 545am) or do i find a day job? ha. that'd be nice!! maybe im not sleeping well.. and then if you are anything like me, i google every little problem and all that ever comes up are some crazy medical conditions which i am sure i don't have, but it's funny to read the things that you find online.
and here's some pictures of my little cutie asleep. the last one is dark but i didn't want to put the flash on and wake her up ;) wish i could be snoozing right now....



found picture here
I love this quote. I have been trying to get Hazel to give me kisses for sometime now, and she kinda does, or at least will let me, but will not let Jason. So we have been making a point to kiss each other in front of her so she can see. We are the opposite of PDAers.. we are not very publicly affectionate at all..maybe at one point but not now, not even really in front of Hazel. So it is a lot of fun to have a reason to HAVE to :) i love kisses from my husband so i wish we were better at that. My parents...gross... well anyways, they always kiss and growing up we would always start yelling, EWWW... gross..... But really, I am SO grateful for parents who love each other and who make it known to us kids that they love each other so i hope i can let my kids know how much i love my husband and they say actions speak louder than words ;)


Month of LOVE

Happy month of LOVE! What are you doing for you significant other?? something super special or nothing at all?? I really wanted to do THIS But i think it's already too late.. or maybe i could go get stuff to work on it while i am at work tonight and start tomorrow and he can get 2 days worth tomorrow... Lucky for me, Jason hardly ever reads our blog! and if he does, he will be either disappointed that i didn't do this, or smile because I did decide to do it. Better not disappoint :)
Oh and here's an old pic. we were signing our marriage license paper :) (July 2008)