Silly girl

Little miss hazel just cracks me up.... When she isn't driving me nutso and can let go of me for one minute she does the silliest things and I just love her all the time(even when I'm going crazy)

she will run up and down our sidewalk for hours if i let her! like it's the most fun thing in the world

she often does this as well as twirl and twirl!

she talks to cookie monster on her diapers

she found this snack holder at the store and would NOT let go of it so of course i had to get it, it wasn't until i got home and was changing her diaper i realized that thats why she likes him because she always talks to him

hazel found this newspaper rack at the restaurant the other night and it made a perfect chair right? well except her foot kept getting stuck and she'd get mad :) below is a better view haha

silly girl gives kisses through the tupperware

hazel always ventures into Jason's closet when the door is left open and will steal his shoes.. and sometimes leave one of her own!

this was actually today, if you look closely to the left of the crib, there are 5 binkys thrown overboard. she thinks it so funny to throw them all out laugh and run around and then get SO mad and scream until i come throw them back in... ugh.. maybe binkys need to be gone...

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Brittani Hamilton said...

hahaha, i love that every picture just makes me melt. I can't wait to get back to this crazy, frustrating, so cuddly, loveable time of life. i miss you guys and kiss her sweet cheeks for me!