Let me know if I can help

I would do most any service asked of me, but do I seek out service like I should? I always am so hesitant to ask for favors...What/why is it that we are too prideful to ask? is that it? Is it because we do not want to burden others and impose on them? and then i remembered this talk Elder Rasband gave in April 2012 general conference..

 "Thus another special lesson learned: If you come upon a person who is drowning, would you ask if they need help—or would it be better to just jump in and save them from the deepening waters? The offer, while well meaning and often given, “Let me know if I can help” is really no help at all." 

I love that quote. How many times have we said this to our visiting teachers or have we heard this... next time lets be PROactive!
This quote is so true, but how are we supposed to know what others need unless we are in tune with the spirit.  

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Anonymous said...

I really love that talk. I want my foot steps to be certain. Love you Devyn, thanks for sharing.