So I've been begging Jason to go camping.. He is hesitant because of how hazel would do- so we compromised and went out to a nice camping place in Iowa - arrowhead park, and cooked our tin foil dinners, roasted marshmallows and chatted with friends around the campfire. It was a lot of fun! I can't wait to go again.

There was a playground close so we set up camp right by it so the kids could play! Hazel had so much fun too- stayed up way past her bedtime, ate treats, ate some rocks and got the dirtiest I've ever seen her ;)

I told her to say cheese but she was chomping on a hot dog!
She loved digging in the rocks/sand with her shovel
These two lovely ladies are due any day now :)
Our awesome fire pit.


4th of July

We had a fun, low-key fourth of July. we went to the beach for a couple hours, the my sweet friend Mary invited us over for a BBQ at her parents house. It was so nice to feel apart of a 'bigger' family and spend time with their family!! we had delicious food and then watched them light off some fireworks. Hazel had so much fun playing with Tim! We went home, got hazel in bed and went out to the grass across the way to watch some fireworks!
 Jason and I waiting for the fireworks.. which never started :(
Diana and Livi. the BEST next door neighbor we could've ever asked for!


Arizona trip

Kind of last minute, i decided that i wanted to get out to AZ to be with my sis and maybe see the birth of baby mac.. so we talked dates and i decided to come out from 38.5 week to 39.5 weeks... you would think with the 3rd baby, but nope they always have their own time table :). It was so much fun to be able to spend time with britt and the girls okay and rich too.. and let hazel play her little heart out with ryry and cara! here's a few pics:


Baby Mac

I got this picture from my sis and it said "hi cousin hazel!"
welcome to the family Baby Mac! even though I had already returned from Phoenix, I had the opportunity to be on FaceTime for 2 hours watching the birth of baby MAC! I am so thankful for facetime and amazing technology so i was able to experience this sweet birth.
I don't cry quite as much as my other sisters, but as soon as i saw that sweet baby boy, the tears flowed! As much as i didn't think i would cry, a mix of emotions came over me. This is the first birth I have seen since I gave birth and I remember how special that instant bond is between a mom and their baby, and a bond between a nephew and an auntie!
The choice for my strong amazing sister to have a home birth was well planned and prepared for. Britt did absolutely amazing- thats even a understatement. to see her focus through contractions, and then the intensity of pushing, Wow!   I am anxious to hear the story from Britt herself!!!!



happy due date yesterday...
Dear Brittani,
I hope you have had an enjoyable pregnancy, because sooner than you think it will be over. I remember how long you wanted this baby, then I remember our joy when you told us all you were pregnant, and then the big gender reveal.... how you asked me how you should tell people ... and you waited TWO days after knowing it was a little boy to tell the rest of us! But how exciting it was!!! and how the girls were confused when you brought them each a balloon to show us, they thought there were two boys but really you just didn't want them to fight. and how well you take care of you and your baby, he is loving being spoiled by his mommy and just needs some time. Baby Mac is the luckiest of little dudes to come into your family!! And then how i was able to come help with your big baby shower and spend time shadowing you and rubbing your feet. I also feel so lucky to have been able to be there last week to hang out with you and wait, help count the contractions during church, rub your feet some more, play with the girls and spend time with you before the new one arrives. I wish I could be there supporting you even more during the birth of baby Mac, but just know you are going to do absolutely amazing. I was so impressed with your birth wall, and your labor beads/bracelet. all the re-usable nursing pads you sewed up and all your awesome postpartum kits for each bathroom. easier said than done, but enjoy the rest of this pregnancy. You have all my support, love and prayers. and i've been waiting, by my phone, and will continue to do so..... Baby Mac, you are in for the love  of a lifetime.

You are beautiful! I love you.



I am so excited to get a new brother in law! Congratulations to Erin and Pete. Eeeeeek I am so excited... This is the FaceTime call where I found out the news... Which by the way I was the first... Only by default, no one else answered I was the first haha but ill take it ;)! Love you Ernin and petey!!!


The happy couple

Baby Rhyan's blessing

We had the opportunity to attend the beautiful baby blessing of our newest nephew baby Rhyan jr. named after his daddy. They live close in Kansas City so we were just a drive away. I had to work friday night so we drove up saturday morning, played with cousins, ate delicious Oaklahoma Joes BBQ and then hit up the mall. I think i went to bed at like 6 or 7 that night after not sleeping the night before. Sunday we relaxed in the morning and went to church at 1 for the blessing. It was so sweet. I love hearing all the words being blessed upon these tiny little babies. It makes me so excited to watch them grow up !! I can't believe i didn't get any pics besides ONE...