Baby Mac

I got this picture from my sis and it said "hi cousin hazel!"
welcome to the family Baby Mac! even though I had already returned from Phoenix, I had the opportunity to be on FaceTime for 2 hours watching the birth of baby MAC! I am so thankful for facetime and amazing technology so i was able to experience this sweet birth.
I don't cry quite as much as my other sisters, but as soon as i saw that sweet baby boy, the tears flowed! As much as i didn't think i would cry, a mix of emotions came over me. This is the first birth I have seen since I gave birth and I remember how special that instant bond is between a mom and their baby, and a bond between a nephew and an auntie!
The choice for my strong amazing sister to have a home birth was well planned and prepared for. Britt did absolutely amazing- thats even a understatement. to see her focus through contractions, and then the intensity of pushing, Wow!   I am anxious to hear the story from Britt herself!!!!

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