We were lucky enough to be able to go to chicago on our last week of summer!! Erin got/found us an amaze hotel- thank you thank you!! We stayed for a few days, walked/shopped/played around the city and got to play with Erin and Pete after work. (Oh and met Erin for lunch of course.) we all were spoiled especially miss hazel pops. Thanks for such a fun trip auntie Erin and uncle Pete!!!!
Here's driver jason
Here's driver Hazel
I had to take a picture of the hotel gym because it was the biggest hotel gym i had ever seen!! off to the right was 20 more weight machines!

ha! funny story, we were off to walk to meet erin for lunch when it started raining. It didn't bother Jason or i and hazel was covered in the stroller, Jason started to tell me about how he used to tract on his mission in crazy sideways rain storms so this was nothing... 5 minutes later it was INSANE. we took cover under this little store awning and (this picture does no justice, it doesn't even look like its raining!) jason said it was about as bad as the rain he would walk in! it was so much fun to be out in it though and hazel loved watching.
Hazel LOVED all the boats, she would sometimes call them 'bucky' or say 'choo choo' (BTW, what does a boat say???)
i LOVE them!
While shopping, hazel decided it would be more fun underneath the stroller,...HAHA
Hazey loved being at erin and pete's place, especially climbing up on their bed, jumping in the pillows and then putting on all of pete's hats! Thanks for the Bulls hat Uncle pete, she wears it all the time!

action slide shot
they are going to be great parents someday!!!
we LOVE you auntie erin and uncle pete! Hazel still talks about erin and pete! 


5 years

Dear Jason,

5 Years ago I made the best decision of my life, by marrying you.

I have never been happier,

More in LOVE,

or more grateful for my sweet daughter you have given me.

Let's make the next 5 even better ;) ! 








California trip part 2

Hazel got invited to go to gymnastics with her friend Gracie while we were in napa.
she seriously had a blast. We need to find a gym in Omaha to take her to :)

After dinner i gave hazel an oreo outside. she got to the trampoline so fast! she loves jumping, and loves cookies.

We got to go to the Jelly Belly Factory with grandma, popsie and grammy! it was so much fun. we loved the free samples!

oh and I may have made my way to the juicy outlet to get Hazel and I matching juicy suits. the smallest pants are still a bit big for hazey, can't wait til we can match.. maybe ill do more of this mommy/daughter matching stuff :)

We had so much fun and I think we got a bit of everything in and more! we love spending time with family and friends!!


California trip part 1

Happy summer break to us!! We've been playing too much to blog.. Right?! Here is documentation of our super fun California trip.
Jason started the trip to ca with a white water rafting trip with class 4&5 rapids- scary! His boat was the only one to flip. But they all made it home safe then we went to Giants game when he got back

This is a picture from train town in Sonoma- we went with cousins
Here we are at six flags discovery kingdom! 

Hazel had no idea who the looney tone characters were but loved going to meet all of them!!!