California trip part 2

Hazel got invited to go to gymnastics with her friend Gracie while we were in napa.
she seriously had a blast. We need to find a gym in Omaha to take her to :)

After dinner i gave hazel an oreo outside. she got to the trampoline so fast! she loves jumping, and loves cookies.

We got to go to the Jelly Belly Factory with grandma, popsie and grammy! it was so much fun. we loved the free samples!

oh and I may have made my way to the juicy outlet to get Hazel and I matching juicy suits. the smallest pants are still a bit big for hazey, can't wait til we can match.. maybe ill do more of this mommy/daughter matching stuff :)

We had so much fun and I think we got a bit of everything in and more! we love spending time with family and friends!!

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Anonymous said...

Love me some Hazel!! XOXO