Happy 2nd Birthday Hazel!

Before I get caught up on the other blog posts, I must post about my sweet sassy 2 year old!
If Hazel could read, this is what I would write in her birthday card:

Dear Hazel,

I can't believe you have already been in our lives for 2 years. Sometimes it seems so quick, but mostly I can't imagine my life without you, or even before you. In your two years on this earth, you have taught me more than my twenty-five could about Love, Patience, and the sweet innocence and spirit of a child! You are so spunky and always have your dad and I laughing! 
Some things about you:

-weigh about 26 lbs
-wear 18months - 2t. Whatever still fits :)
-size 4 diapers 
-gone pee in the potty a couple times
-count to 10, sometimes 20
-know your abcs
-you like to read books and sing songs
-very good communicater
-speak in sentences and let us know what you want!
-you don't like to try new foods
-you've been singing happy birthday to hazel all day
-getting the hang of opening presents
-wanted nothing to do with Santa, but gets excited when you see him
-you have 16 teeth
- love monsters, Mickey, monkey George,  bubble guppies, 
-love being social
-gives kisses
-likes to tickle people 
-you have been giving lots of compliments lately especially telling people you like their hair.
-use please and thank you often 
-you are getting good at saying prayers  
-you like to hide
-love to wash your hands
-swim & lay down in the bath tub 
-LovE FaceTime!

I could go on forever!
You are the light of our lives. You are smart, beautiful and so sweet. I am so blessed to be your mommy!!!! I love you my little princess hazey pops!!!!

Love your mommy!


Busy busy

What has been going on over here?? Finals! Jason just finished all his finals so we can relax.. Well I can't until next week when I GRADUATE with my BSN. I am so excited. Luckily I don't have too much more. But this is what we've been up to
I'm embarressed to admit that I haven't cooked dinner in weeks... So one night Jason became resourceful and made him self a chicken nugget sandwich with cheese and BBQ sauce. Sorry I'll try to cook more!
Hazel has been obsessed with trying to change her own diaper and changing all of her babies diapers.. Silly! 
I love my new footy pajamas!! Seriously I think everyone should own a pair. They are delightful!
Hazels gymnastic meet. She showed off tumbling, bars, beam, trampoline and how much she would miss it until January! 


Part 2 a California thanksgiving

How sad I don't have any pictures of our fabulous delicious dinner.. But I have the shopping bags from our Black Friday shopping ;) Madeline Brittani and I went out from 9 pm-1 am. It wasn't nearly as crazy as I thought it would be! 

Friday morning we had family pictures 

Friday afternoon we went to the sharks game!!!! Jason, Jamie, Brian and I. They won! It was so fun. 
Very into the game.. With his beard. 

Friday night we had to see catching fire again:) and went out to dinner with all the adults! It's a new must when all of us our together. Get a babysitter for one night so we can go play!! 

Jason left Saturday morn and I did a lot of hair sat. Tues hazel and I flew back to omaha. It was chaos. See ya in a couple weeks, California!


A California thanksgiving pt 1

Before we left, we had to clean! I had the cutest cleaning helper! She loved to pull out the paper towels and wipe while watching monsters!
 We got in late Tuesday night.. And wed morning the girls were off to wedding dress shop in San Fran! It was so much fun! Minus the way home traffic ;)
When we got home from sf I found hazels leftover lunch on the counter 
Oreo pop tart, trix and a banana! Geesh she is cute and so is Jason !
And yes this happened on thanksgiving morning while watching the men play football. I didn't think anyone would remember how to hang/swing on the bars like we did as little girls! Sure enough we all tried it. I'll have to post some videos as proof!! To be continued....