A California thanksgiving pt 1

Before we left, we had to clean! I had the cutest cleaning helper! She loved to pull out the paper towels and wipe while watching monsters!
 We got in late Tuesday night.. And wed morning the girls were off to wedding dress shop in San Fran! It was so much fun! Minus the way home traffic ;)
When we got home from sf I found hazels leftover lunch on the counter 
Oreo pop tart, trix and a banana! Geesh she is cute and so is Jason !
And yes this happened on thanksgiving morning while watching the men play football. I didn't think anyone would remember how to hang/swing on the bars like we did as little girls! Sure enough we all tried it. I'll have to post some videos as proof!! To be continued....


Brittani Hamilton said...

oh no!! videos??!! Yikes

Erin and Zach said...

These are awesome! Thanks for helping me find a dress and for hanging on the bar with me ;)


Anonymous said...

Yes actually Grandma was the only one who did the death drop Thanksgiving morning -- just like she was in second grade all over again-- where are those pictures??
Seriously am I going to have to do it again at Christmastime?? hee hee