Part 2 a California thanksgiving

How sad I don't have any pictures of our fabulous delicious dinner.. But I have the shopping bags from our Black Friday shopping ;) Madeline Brittani and I went out from 9 pm-1 am. It wasn't nearly as crazy as I thought it would be! 

Friday morning we had family pictures 

Friday afternoon we went to the sharks game!!!! Jason, Jamie, Brian and I. They won! It was so fun. 
Very into the game.. With his beard. 

Friday night we had to see catching fire again:) and went out to dinner with all the adults! It's a new must when all of us our together. Get a babysitter for one night so we can go play!! 

Jason left Saturday morn and I did a lot of hair sat. Tues hazel and I flew back to omaha. It was chaos. See ya in a couple weeks, California!

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Anonymous said...

The countdown begins again !! Cant wait!! XOXO !!