kitchen makeover

Oh, you thought you were going to see some before and afters??? but guess what it's not done yet! and it's consuming my life. haha. I'm redoing the cabinets right now and I always have another coat to paint.. It has taken me a week, but in my defense i worked 4 of those nights, and can't paint unless hazel is asleep.. so i just finished painting the TOP half of the cabinets. They go back on tomorrow!!!! and then i'll start the Bottom cabinets. YIKES.
So here is the picture of before and after of the paint color (couldn't find it in my photos so here is my IG pic of it...)

Here is the best pic i got of my freshly painted top cabinets.. i haven't started the bottom ones yet. and maybe we will get a microwave installed over the oven and get rid of that nasty hood....
and here is my kitchen table/chairs redo. on the Left is the old color and the Right is the NEW color.
My table may have turned out a smidge lighter than the chairs.. but i did the same number of stain coats!!!
It's a huge project, but it's really been so fun.... haha to see how much more i like my kitchen that is.. and to say i have done all these projects. I am learning a lot, thats for sure! stay tuned for more updates.



Less than 12 hours after returning from Houston I was off to phoenix.

My sister was having a baby shower  and I needed to get my clinical hours in for my nursing class this semester. so it was a win-win situation!

I had SO the best time

I lived the life of a midwife for 6 days. although, i never had to answer the calls in the middle of the night.. i would have, but i would have definitely given the wrong advice!

I played with my munchkies

I missed my hazel and my jason

I slept with the munchkies in their new bunkbeds, actually two nights i didn't and those were the two nights an accident happened....

we played just dance disney

ate LOTs of delicious food


helped with a few things around the house

gave britt lots of foot rubs

and laughed plenty

but i am glad to be home, back to my family, back to work, back to the real world. and spend these last few days of Jason's break together!



 I am one of the fortunate souls in the world who is blessed with horrible teeth. Mind you, they are straight (thanks mom and dad for my braces) and I try to keep them pearly white :) but horrible in the fact that even though I brush with my super duper neato tooth brush, I get a bajillion cavities... Since I have had hazel I have had 9 cavities. I blame nursing. Anyways for once in my life, my cavities worked to my advantage. I was able to be a patient for my friends husband for his dental boards. Wednesday morning we flew out to Houston. We played non stop, ate, shopped, ate, ate cupcakes, shopped then made it to the hotel by 9pm. Thursday morning we got up super early to be ready at the dental school on time. From 8-3 I had two cavities filled PERFECTLY! And waited in lines for hours waiting to be checked off at different points in the procedure. And then Thursday night we headed home to Omaha. Of course He PASSED! And is now a DDS. (I can't wait for Jason to get there!!) It was so much fun to spend some quality time with my friend and I'm glad I could go and help them out. I am so so sad because they just moved but not too far so hopefully we can still see them often! Here are some pics of the quick trip. By the way, Texas was amazing, great food and the nicest people!


Missing my hazel

I have a few posts to catch you up on my world travels these past couple weeks still but right now I am missing my hazel. And Jason too but this is by far the longest I have left my hazel and it has been too long. Thankful for FaceTime and all the pics jas has been sending! These two were from yesterday, her new obsession riding on anything haha!


Wedding reception California style

California was HOT! But we had a blast. Played all week, did some hair/lashes, helped get ready for the reception and then partied it up on sat!!


wedding reception Colorado style.

Next stop, after Salt Lake, was Denver.

Hazel went to California with Katie, Cory and Dean for the weekend. I'm pretty sure she was in heaven.

Hazel got to lay out at the pool for a couple days!

Colorado was fun. the reception was Beautiful and delicious. They had a frozen yogurt machine. it was AWESOME :)

oh and Denver has some pretty nice shopping.

Food was DELISH

i'm not sure.

Kimi, Craig, Eli and Owen were able to make it to the reception!!! it was so much fun to see them

I think Owen was getting hungry and trying to eat Kim's face..
Oh hey there Erin!



they are so adorable!!!

on the 25th of April in the year 2013, Madeline and Zachary were sealed for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake City Temple.

It was a sweet ceremony, with her grandfather as the sealer.

I think Zach cried more than Madeline.

I forgot my temple recommend. Lucky they can look it up and then called my bishop. so i made it!

It was a windy day.

Hazel does not like pictures. Hazel just likes to explore, on her own.

All the sisters, minus Madeline. oh and Baby Mac snuck in the picture..

all the Wagner kids.

My little cutie.

The lighting was awful in the hotel/phone pictures.. but some of the hair for the big day!

it was such a busy/fun/romantic/happy/inlove day.


New computer.

remember how milk spilled on my computer. well it wouldn't turn on. awesome. I told Jason we could totally share a computer. He didn't really like that idea, especially since I have all online classes, I use a computer a lot. So we went to best buy today and did you know that PC laptops are definitely going down in price. Of course i wish i could afford a Mac.. but i can't so i got a cheap new laptop, and it's way better than my old one :) 

Lucky us, we decided it would be smart to buy an external hard drive back in January and back up our computers. So at least I have everything up until January. the rest, i haven't seemed to miss. 

So back to the BlogSphere i go.


Spilled milk

There's no crying over spilled milk... Unless it spilled on your computer. That was how my trip home went. But we had the best two-week vacation and are glad to be back home with Jason! More to come on the wedding, Utah, Denver, and California of course :)