kitchen makeover

Oh, you thought you were going to see some before and afters??? but guess what it's not done yet! and it's consuming my life. haha. I'm redoing the cabinets right now and I always have another coat to paint.. It has taken me a week, but in my defense i worked 4 of those nights, and can't paint unless hazel is asleep.. so i just finished painting the TOP half of the cabinets. They go back on tomorrow!!!! and then i'll start the Bottom cabinets. YIKES.
So here is the picture of before and after of the paint color (couldn't find it in my photos so here is my IG pic of it...)

Here is the best pic i got of my freshly painted top cabinets.. i haven't started the bottom ones yet. and maybe we will get a microwave installed over the oven and get rid of that nasty hood....
and here is my kitchen table/chairs redo. on the Left is the old color and the Right is the NEW color.
My table may have turned out a smidge lighter than the chairs.. but i did the same number of stain coats!!!
It's a huge project, but it's really been so fun.... haha to see how much more i like my kitchen that is.. and to say i have done all these projects. I am learning a lot, thats for sure! stay tuned for more updates.


Brittani Hamilton said...

yeah, i can't wait to see it all!

Anonymous said...

Hey it all lookis so good! XOXO