I am one of the fortunate souls in the world who is blessed with horrible teeth. Mind you, they are straight (thanks mom and dad for my braces) and I try to keep them pearly white :) but horrible in the fact that even though I brush with my super duper neato tooth brush, I get a bajillion cavities... Since I have had hazel I have had 9 cavities. I blame nursing. Anyways for once in my life, my cavities worked to my advantage. I was able to be a patient for my friends husband for his dental boards. Wednesday morning we flew out to Houston. We played non stop, ate, shopped, ate, ate cupcakes, shopped then made it to the hotel by 9pm. Thursday morning we got up super early to be ready at the dental school on time. From 8-3 I had two cavities filled PERFECTLY! And waited in lines for hours waiting to be checked off at different points in the procedure. And then Thursday night we headed home to Omaha. Of course He PASSED! And is now a DDS. (I can't wait for Jason to get there!!) It was so much fun to spend some quality time with my friend and I'm glad I could go and help them out. I am so so sad because they just moved but not too far so hopefully we can still see them often! Here are some pics of the quick trip. By the way, Texas was amazing, great food and the nicest people!

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