Less than 12 hours after returning from Houston I was off to phoenix.

My sister was having a baby shower  and I needed to get my clinical hours in for my nursing class this semester. so it was a win-win situation!

I had SO the best time

I lived the life of a midwife for 6 days. although, i never had to answer the calls in the middle of the night.. i would have, but i would have definitely given the wrong advice!

I played with my munchkies

I missed my hazel and my jason

I slept with the munchkies in their new bunkbeds, actually two nights i didn't and those were the two nights an accident happened....

we played just dance disney

ate LOTs of delicious food


helped with a few things around the house

gave britt lots of foot rubs

and laughed plenty

but i am glad to be home, back to my family, back to work, back to the real world. and spend these last few days of Jason's break together!

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