wedding reception Colorado style.

Next stop, after Salt Lake, was Denver.

Hazel went to California with Katie, Cory and Dean for the weekend. I'm pretty sure she was in heaven.

Hazel got to lay out at the pool for a couple days!

Colorado was fun. the reception was Beautiful and delicious. They had a frozen yogurt machine. it was AWESOME :)

oh and Denver has some pretty nice shopping.

Food was DELISH

i'm not sure.

Kimi, Craig, Eli and Owen were able to make it to the reception!!! it was so much fun to see them

I think Owen was getting hungry and trying to eat Kim's face..
Oh hey there Erin!


Erin and Zach said...

AHAHAHAH I am so glad you captured Owen eating Kimmi's face - that was seriously one of the funniest things I have ever seen! Oh and thanks for capturing me alone, by myself, at the table. I could use more of that frozen yogurt right about now...

Anonymous said...

Ditto. I mean I want some more of that frozen yogurt. It was absolutely beautiful. Cute pics Devyn! I think I saw Jake. Yep--I will go find him!! XOXO