Jason and I were able to go to Hawaii during his summer break and it was amazing!! First we all flew to ca on sat and got the kiddos set up at Grammy and poppies ( we cannot thank them enough for watching out cuties for so long!!!!) then on Tuesday morning jas and I flew to Oahu out of Oakland. Flight was good- rented a car and drove to my cousins (thanks Sam and Paige you guys were amazing hostesses!) 
at ewa beach. That first day we hit up white plains beach just napped, swam and layed out.

Wednesday we went to Pearl Harbor. It was such a cool experience and even cooler that Jason is military and we could drive on base- oh and since he is an officer they have to salute to him. 
Thursday was waterfall hikes and snorkeling and we pretty much drove the entire island! Konos for breakfast was amazing!!

Friday we went to the dole plantation then the temple and then the Polynesian cultural center oh and this was the night my niece Shelby was born!  

Saturday we went to a delicious breakfast spot called cinnamon a and then hit up the prettiest white sandy beach lanakai - then that evening we brought Taco Bell to the beach and played games with our cousins and roasted marshmallows it was so so much fun!!! 

Sunday we we r to church then went on a hike it was steep!!! Then we went home andade dinner for Sam and Paige and did a million dub smashes 

Monday morning we got all packed up and headed back to the airport 
It was so fun to see our kiddos when we got home!!! It was the best vacation and a great early anniversary and birthday presents!!


Time slips

Time just slips away from me. In the blink of an eye I have a one year old and 3.5 year old and have been married 7 years. Life is chaos, time is scarce, but I couldn't ask for a more wonderful life. Amongst the crazy, fast pace days, weeks and years I somehow manage to love my life even more every day. Jason just started his last year of dental school and hazel starts preschool at the zoo on Monday and Mitchell is trying to walk! Here are some pictures of the last couple months