Sometimes i feel like a slave. Okay maybe I just was over emotional this week being on some crazy 3 day military diet (ill post more on that later). seriously- being a mom and wife you sometimes just feel like everyone's slave! I should be so happy and willing to do everything though right.. because that would make me the best wife and mom. but reality- i cook, clean, feed, laundry, make lunches, vacuum, change diapers, clean more, try to be organized (i keep telling Jason that I will be a professional organizer someday, he never responds how i want him too.. he usually laughs...) haha. i don't blame him. because my house is clean, on a good night, after hazel goes to bed and before she wakes up. oh you can't forget- grocery shopping, run errands, getting the car's oil changed, repainting my bedroom (okay i don't have to do that but just did today) get the point!  

Today, I wished my husband was just at a 9-5 job. I think i could handle being a SAHM with a 9-5 job- But he's at a 24/7 school. Today, like most days, i wanted to hand over hazel as soon as he walked in the door. But today, like most days, he needed to go lock himself in the basement and study. I am SO grateful for what he is doing for our family, going to school to become a smarty dentist, but it's hard- for both of us- and i'm sure for hazel too because a lot of times, okay most times she won't go to her daddy or maybe she is just super mommy clingy...Jason does help out a ton. He will come up from studying if i ask him to and every saturday morning is spent with hazel while i get to sleep after working my friday night shift, and he really does help out a ton...

Maybe i should work until all my kids are in school and then i can quit my job and be a SAHM so i can have peace and quiet while they are all at school. Just kidding. I would miss watching my cuties grow. Don't get me wrong i LOVE being a mom, but i know all you moms can relate ;) and if you can't, please tell me your secret!!

(we try to visit daddy once a week and have lunch together!)


One line a day

I know many of you already know what I'm talking about or already have one BUT I am just jumping on the bandwagon and if you haven't.. you definitely should. Its a journal that you just write ONE line a day! Even if it's for foster babies.. or not even babies at all.. for yourself.. or your Pete.  and it even comes in pink or blue for the moms one, or just normal colors for a not mom one. Because even though i try to keep a regular blog- i always forget the little goofy things that hazel does so now i can write down the cute/goofy/melt your heart things and ill always remember them! and post some more cutesy things! I bought mine here on Amazon


Bad day blues

Ill spare you my bad day details. But tell me- what do you do on a bad day to cheer you up or get out of your funk!?


a Special Day

Last Saturday was a very special day! we were able to take a quick trip down to Kansas City to witness the beautiful Carrigan be baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She is the first niece/nephew to be baptized on both sides and so it was a lot of fun being able to be in attendance for this special day.
(stole this pic from Jen! thanks!)
We are so proud of Carrigan and love her very much!! ISN'T this cake ADORABLE! it was just like a CTR ring but in PINK. i couldn't get over how awesome it was. This is the only picture i took the whole time of the three cousin girls... oh and there is a SOON to BE BOY! (no, not me silly but Jen and Rhyan are expecting a BOY and we are SO excited!) BTW she's one of the best looking prego's around!


my cute little LOVE BUG

I can't let you see them ALL! well, actually we had a lack of cooperation from this little LOVE BUG as she was sick both days we tried to get some Valentines pics.. so maybe we will try again when she is feeling better.. or maybe you will get an adorable serious face valentines day card. xoxo


13 months!

Time just keeps getting faster. My baby girl is 13 months old and getting so big. She is sick right now with just a cold, I hope but it is always so sad to see them sick. She won't nurse because her nose is so stuffed up so we might be all done nursing.
-she is sleeping through the night. We started sleep training last week and we just haven't gotten her when she would wake up and now we get her if she wakes up only if it past 630 am. So far so good!!
- she has 8 teeth 4 top, 4 bottom
-she twirls
-she dances
-she loves balloons, baths,doggys, going upstairs or downstairs, jake of course,
-we finally found a milk she will drink (silk vanilla milk) our pediatrician said to try all different kinds and finally found one!
-she eats anything we are eating but loves Mac n cheese
-ate a whole slice of pizza the other day
-is ticklish
-climbs on everything/everyone
-loves cuddling
-size 3 diapers
-size 12 & 18 mo clothes
- still naps 2x a day


what does a doggy say?

it amazes me how everyday she is doing something new. kids learn so much so quickly! Over Christmas break when we were staying in Benicia, Hazel started ruff ruff ruffing- probably because the next door neighbors have a dog who likes to bark a lot, it seriously sounded just like the dog when she first learned it!


Have you heard?

Have you heard? kind of old news.. but I'm getting a new SISTER- IN -LAW. I am beyond excited! I've heard the big day is set for April 25th in the SLC Temple. I can't wait for a Utah trip in April and a Colorado trip and a California trip.. if i can manage to get to all three.. ill figure it out. oh and it was so much fun to get to meet miss Madeline over Christmas break. they are too perfect together, and sappy in love.... (sigh)... its really cute. I love LOVE stories.

and in newer news...,, im getting another NEPHEW! wahoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!
i think he is going to arrive in early July. It will be hot in Phoenix.. but you bet my buns ill be down there!

oh boy. isn't life FUN!


12 months.

Okay so I am only a couple weeks late, but I was waiting for her big YEAR appointment to get all the official numbers ;)

Hazel's Stats

weight:   19 lbs 4 oz (39%)
height:    29.4" (49%)
head circumference:     46 cm (73%)

*She is wearing size 12-18 mo clothes, some are too big but thats okay!
*she is still in size 3 diapers.
*does not care for whole milk.. we have been trying everything, warming it up, mixing it with breast-milk, adding chocolate mix, our latest thing is everytime she even takes a sip of milk we clap and cheer and hopefully she learns it's a good thing.
*she is still breastfed, morning and night, we are working on weaning..
*no more bottles
*binkys at naps and bedtime- ok and if fussy and we are out...
 *has a few words in her vocabulary including, "Jay Jay Jay" (for JAKE) yes jake and the neverland pirates.. "MOM" "dad" "ruff, ruff, ruff" "ya" but enjoys 'talking' all the time
*has started going down the stairs backwards (thanks parents for helping her learn!!) she went down 7 stairs backwards by herself the other day.
*loves TV but will only sit very still through jake.
*enjoys jumping in the pillows and blankets
*likes to cuddle with her stuffed animals
*will give good wet kisses, especially on facetime ;)
*likes to open and close everything and then pull everything out of drawers
*enjoys climbing up and down on anything she can get on
*goes to bed about 730-8 wakes up about 730 or 8. some nights she will sleep through the entire night and others not so much, we are working on that...
*takes two naps a day for about 1.5-2 hours each.
*twirls her hair, a LOT.
*will pull anything that is in her hair out, very quickly, bows, headbands and pony tails.

i have some better ones on my camera i better upload :) here are a few phone shots!


My loves

My cousin snapped this pic of them while we were home over Christmas break. Seriously how can I love these two SO much!! Jason and I were laying in bed talking last night and I was seriously trying to remember what we did with our time before Hazel came, and what it was like? I asked Jason if he remembered our place in Provo before Hazel and he replied "yeah, there was no crib" haha! Typical Jason answer.

While I was pregnant i remember people always telling me, 'i can't remember life without them..' and i always remember thinking 'wow, you must have a really bad memory because they aren't that old..' and how i would never forget my life without a child. but seriously i can NOT remember my life without Hazel.  it's as if she has always been apart of us. Maybe i'm not explaining quite right because i can remember events that occurred prior to her birth but the thought of her not being with jason and i is unimaginable. i'm not crazy and losing my memory i swear! if anyone can please say it better (coughcough erin) help me out..  she bring so much joy to us and is my favorite little person.


Welcoming 2013

Hello 2013. I can tell you are going to be a great one. I have big plans for you. Some include; graduating with my bachelors in nursing, being the best mom and wife I can be, maybe being in the best shape ever (a yearly one..) im going to learn to love healthy food, watching my darling daughter grow up, and hopefully by the end of this year ill be cooking another little munchkin! May this be the best year yet for all of you!


Santa Train

We had such a great time aboard the Santa train! Hazel sat on Santas lap for the first time and didn't even cry.. I think she was confused/interested in who the strange man was with the big white beard.