Have you heard?

Have you heard? kind of old news.. but I'm getting a new SISTER- IN -LAW. I am beyond excited! I've heard the big day is set for April 25th in the SLC Temple. I can't wait for a Utah trip in April and a Colorado trip and a California trip.. if i can manage to get to all three.. ill figure it out. oh and it was so much fun to get to meet miss Madeline over Christmas break. they are too perfect together, and sappy in love.... (sigh)... its really cute. I love LOVE stories.

and in newer news...,, im getting another NEPHEW! wahoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!
i think he is going to arrive in early July. It will be hot in Phoenix.. but you bet my buns ill be down there!

oh boy. isn't life FUN!


Erin and Zach said...

YAAAAY to both! I hope Hazel pops is feeling better today. LOVE you.

Brittani said...

wahoo!! your little buns better be here!!

Anonymous said...

What about Grandma's Not SO Little BUNS!! ?? I am coming too!