My loves

My cousin snapped this pic of them while we were home over Christmas break. Seriously how can I love these two SO much!! Jason and I were laying in bed talking last night and I was seriously trying to remember what we did with our time before Hazel came, and what it was like? I asked Jason if he remembered our place in Provo before Hazel and he replied "yeah, there was no crib" haha! Typical Jason answer.

While I was pregnant i remember people always telling me, 'i can't remember life without them..' and i always remember thinking 'wow, you must have a really bad memory because they aren't that old..' and how i would never forget my life without a child. but seriously i can NOT remember my life without Hazel.  it's as if she has always been apart of us. Maybe i'm not explaining quite right because i can remember events that occurred prior to her birth but the thought of her not being with jason and i is unimaginable. i'm not crazy and losing my memory i swear! if anyone can please say it better (coughcough erin) help me out..  she bring so much joy to us and is my favorite little person.


Ms. Green Eyes said...

I'm right there with you. I do not know what Rob and I used to talk about!?! What did we do with our time!?!

When are you coming back?! I want more lashes!

megan and sam said...

That's so funny. Sam and I were talking about this EXACT thing yesterday! It is so weird! We were just sitting in the livingroom on a Sunday afternoon and Grace was taking a nap and everything was so quiet!! That's how it used to be all the time before we had her! SO weird to think about.

I think it happens because they HAVE always been there. Now they're just HERE with you.

Erin and Zach said...

I don't know that I can say it better without having one of my own. But I do wonder how I even survived without my munchkins??

I think because she's a part of you and because your love for her is unlike anything you have ever felt - it's like you can never imagine the world without her in it. You never want to imagine it that way so you don't. Plus, she embodies everything that is wonderful in the world and imagining life with her always in it provides you with overwhelming optimism, love and a real sense of purpose. I know when I look at her, I never want to look away because she is quite possibly the sweetest thing in my life as well.

She will undoubtedly grow and change; she will be a pain in the butt as a teenager and probably say mean things someday, but this time in her life will help soften those blows and looking back on it will make you remember just how impossible life would be without her.

Katie Petersen said...

Tagg and I say the same thing about Beckett all the time. He's part of us and always has been. We just didn't get to meet him until almost 2 years ago. Hazel sure is a cutie.