13 months!

Time just keeps getting faster. My baby girl is 13 months old and getting so big. She is sick right now with just a cold, I hope but it is always so sad to see them sick. She won't nurse because her nose is so stuffed up so we might be all done nursing.
-she is sleeping through the night. We started sleep training last week and we just haven't gotten her when she would wake up and now we get her if she wakes up only if it past 630 am. So far so good!!
- she has 8 teeth 4 top, 4 bottom
-she twirls
-she dances
-she loves balloons, baths,doggys, going upstairs or downstairs, jake of course,
-we finally found a milk she will drink (silk vanilla milk) our pediatrician said to try all different kinds and finally found one!
-she eats anything we are eating but loves Mac n cheese
-ate a whole slice of pizza the other day
-is ticklish
-climbs on everything/everyone
-loves cuddling
-size 3 diapers
-size 12 & 18 mo clothes
- still naps 2x a day

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Anonymous said...

-loves her Grandma the best!!

Heehee you forgot one!!