Bad day blues

Ill spare you my bad day details. But tell me- what do you do on a bad day to cheer you up or get out of your funk!?


{april kennedy} said...

i have three days every month that I am just unreasonable. I usually let everyone know on day two!!

saturday I woke up in the worst funk/mood. finally at noon, i left by myself and went and got a hot chocolate...but that shouldn't surprise you! I even told the barista when she handed my drink that maybe I could go home and be nice to my family now!!

tomorrow is a new day.

Angela and Keith said...

I have those days too. Yesterday, in fact! I gave the baby to my mom for a couple hours and did some retail therapy! You could think of Disneyland, too, and imagine yourself there. haha

Mary said...

You call me to come watch Hazel so you can take a bubble bath. :-)