12 months.

Okay so I am only a couple weeks late, but I was waiting for her big YEAR appointment to get all the official numbers ;)

Hazel's Stats

weight:   19 lbs 4 oz (39%)
height:    29.4" (49%)
head circumference:     46 cm (73%)

*She is wearing size 12-18 mo clothes, some are too big but thats okay!
*she is still in size 3 diapers.
*does not care for whole milk.. we have been trying everything, warming it up, mixing it with breast-milk, adding chocolate mix, our latest thing is everytime she even takes a sip of milk we clap and cheer and hopefully she learns it's a good thing.
*she is still breastfed, morning and night, we are working on weaning..
*no more bottles
*binkys at naps and bedtime- ok and if fussy and we are out...
 *has a few words in her vocabulary including, "Jay Jay Jay" (for JAKE) yes jake and the neverland pirates.. "MOM" "dad" "ruff, ruff, ruff" "ya" but enjoys 'talking' all the time
*has started going down the stairs backwards (thanks parents for helping her learn!!) she went down 7 stairs backwards by herself the other day.
*loves TV but will only sit very still through jake.
*enjoys jumping in the pillows and blankets
*likes to cuddle with her stuffed animals
*will give good wet kisses, especially on facetime ;)
*likes to open and close everything and then pull everything out of drawers
*enjoys climbing up and down on anything she can get on
*goes to bed about 730-8 wakes up about 730 or 8. some nights she will sleep through the entire night and others not so much, we are working on that...
*takes two naps a day for about 1.5-2 hours each.
*twirls her hair, a LOT.
*will pull anything that is in her hair out, very quickly, bows, headbands and pony tails.

i have some better ones on my camera i better upload :) here are a few phone shots!

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