Sometimes i feel like a slave. Okay maybe I just was over emotional this week being on some crazy 3 day military diet (ill post more on that later). seriously- being a mom and wife you sometimes just feel like everyone's slave! I should be so happy and willing to do everything though right.. because that would make me the best wife and mom. but reality- i cook, clean, feed, laundry, make lunches, vacuum, change diapers, clean more, try to be organized (i keep telling Jason that I will be a professional organizer someday, he never responds how i want him too.. he usually laughs...) haha. i don't blame him. because my house is clean, on a good night, after hazel goes to bed and before she wakes up. oh you can't forget- grocery shopping, run errands, getting the car's oil changed, repainting my bedroom (okay i don't have to do that but just did today) get the point!  

Today, I wished my husband was just at a 9-5 job. I think i could handle being a SAHM with a 9-5 job- But he's at a 24/7 school. Today, like most days, i wanted to hand over hazel as soon as he walked in the door. But today, like most days, he needed to go lock himself in the basement and study. I am SO grateful for what he is doing for our family, going to school to become a smarty dentist, but it's hard- for both of us- and i'm sure for hazel too because a lot of times, okay most times she won't go to her daddy or maybe she is just super mommy clingy...Jason does help out a ton. He will come up from studying if i ask him to and every saturday morning is spent with hazel while i get to sleep after working my friday night shift, and he really does help out a ton...

Maybe i should work until all my kids are in school and then i can quit my job and be a SAHM so i can have peace and quiet while they are all at school. Just kidding. I would miss watching my cuties grow. Don't get me wrong i LOVE being a mom, but i know all you moms can relate ;) and if you can't, please tell me your secret!!

(we try to visit daddy once a week and have lunch together!)


Mamawags said...

Devyn, there is one thing I realized when my little ones got bigger. This was after multiple years of Jim working a swing shift, or graveyard, or BOTH. (Which if course are the hardest times of the day for little ones!!) what I regret is that I didn't take some time for me. Seriously I don't know why I didn't get a great babysitter once a week and just have some me time. It would have been fine to just go sit in my car somewhere!!! It would have made me a nicer, happier mom/slave!!

I highly recommend giving that to yourself. You are worth it!! Hazel would probably like a break from you too!! Lol!! It also gives you something to look forward to!!

Hang in there!!!

Anonymous said...

I read this and it was like reading my life at the moment. Toddler. Chores. Toddler. More Chores. Bryan works and goes to classes during the day and does homework and more work at night.

Thanks for sharing. It's nice to know others are going through this same wonderfully hard phase of life. At least our husbands and babies are cute! :)

Ben and Diana Hull said...
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Ben and Diana Hull said...

You are an amazing mother, wife and friend. I think that you are such a hard worker doing the whole stay at home mom thing and going to school and working. You truly are amazing. Thank you for being such a great neighbor and friend.