Hazel turned 5!

On December 22, my baby girl turned 5!!! I can't even believe I have a 5 year old! Her birthday wish was to go to a hotel. Swimming at hotels is her favorite, but in Vegas there are only a couple hotels with indoor hotels. We ended up staying at embassy suites and went swimming in the evening and again at 730 am! Haha. She was sure in heaven!!! 

The kiddos got to meet santa 

And we went to the most amazing light show at the Las Vegas motor speedway. It's 2.5 miles of drive through lights and scenes! 



Christmas in Las Vegas

Since they frown upon traveling at 38 weeks pregnant, we stayed home in Las Vegas for Christmas. All my family was together in Lake Tahoe at cabins in the fresh powdery snow, but we had a relaxing holiday. My last day at work was Christmas Eve, but I was able to arrange to get off early!! Christmas Eve we had a traditional fondue pickett party at Stu and Marci's! 

Acting out the Christmas nativity while stu read it from the Bible. 
The next day we opened presents 


Took naps, played and played and then went to stu and Marci's for a delicious Christmas dinner! They were so wonderful to host us both nights!! I have been so exhausted that I have little motivation to do much! Overall it was so fun and it has been so great to have jason have 2 weeks off!!! 

38 weeks

My face is saying holy cow.. because I'm getting so big. I'll be 39 weeks tomorrow January 1... so literally any day. But with hazel I was exactly 40 weeks and mitchell was 2 days early, so probably pretty close to a week until he comes!!!

A California Thanksgiving

We were able to go home for a week for thanksgiving! We got to spend a good amount of time with both families. We ate a lot, played a lot of games, relaxed, oh and I had my 10 year high school reunion, not very successful, but still fun to catch up with friends!! I even got to meet Stella, only a few days old, one of my besties from high school had her babe while I was home!! And hit up a sharks game!!  

Hazel wanted to pose with Grammys scarecrow 😂👍🏻

Mitchy tackling hazel!

And perks of having an OB dad, ultrasound of baby Clark!

Clarks stocking even came... not that we needed it this year though, boo!! 

Mom&Dad come to town

My parents are awesome and came to visit. They were supposed to go on a 2-week medical mission to Ethiopia but it wasn't safe at the time they were supposed to go so they cancelled but lucky for us, they came here for a few days!! 

One day we headed up to beautiful red rock canyon and my dad took hazel "rock" climbing!! She had a blast! 



We got a sitter one night and headed down to Fremont street. That place is crazy! Haha we went to a comedy at the D hotel. It was a blast. Thanks for coming mom and dad and for helping me with all my projects! Can't wait for you to come again for baby!! 


Our Disneyland fall.

This fall, since we live such a short drive to Disney, we have gone 3 separate times. September, October and then November! We, or maybe I, am a bit Disneyed 'out' for the next bit. I can't believe I would ever say that.. 

Trip #1 when daddy got to come with us!!!

#2 trip where we met Grammy and popsie!!!!!! Halloween at Disney with G&p was amazing! 



Trip #3 Britt and rich took their family for one day so Madeline and everly flew to Vegas and we drove down just for a day. It was the trip that put this preggo over the Disney edge 😜 still so much fun! But exhausting for 30+ week pregnant mama. 

Anyways. We have had a fun filled fall!!! Now to enjoy a little down time before we welcome baby #3.

Tingey's visit

We were so lucky to have our friends the Tingey's come
To visit in October! We went to the children's museum, played and played, went to the silverton casino and watched the mermaids swim in their cool aquarium! 

The next day we went to the Hoover Dam 

Laurie and I are due two weeks apart with #3! 

That night we got a sitter and headed to the strip for a night out!! Sushi and cirque de solel




It was so sad when they left! We wish we lived closer! Thanks for visiting!!! We will come next!! 



This year for Halloween was so fun! We spent it with friends in Las Vegas and our family dressed up at Peter Pan characters! We had dinner at their house and Karlee made the cutest jack o lantern pizza and mummy dogs for the kiddos! The Kriddles are our good friends here in Vegas. Jason and Nate are co-residents here! And our kiddos are just little besties 

Mitchell, Kason, Jane and Hazel 

We are glad to have met some friends here!! 


25-26 weeks


I haven't taken enough or really hardly any bump shots this pregnancy! But I'm bigger than ever this time 😜 
I am 25.5 weeks and I think these other two were at 26 weeks! Baby Clark had his big ultrasound this week and is measuring in the 90th percentiles! Typical Wagner boy! 
I think the official name is Clark! We will see if it sticks!! 


Las Vegas

We've officially moved to Vegas.. Almost a month ago now! It's tricky getting around in a new place and figuring out where things are and making new friends. Thankfully we have smart phones that tell us exactly where to go to find things and thankfully we have some family and other resident families we automatically have a connection with! 
Moving is super chaotic! And messsssssy! We are enjoying our new house though!

Isn't it so fun to find old random things when you are unpacking 😂😂😂

Or use the kitchen table to build a train because there is not enough empty floor space 

Trying to enjoy the August heat! It's starting to cool down a lot at night and it is fabulous!

A lot more to post about but I have my second shift at my new job tomorrow so good night! 


4 day visit


This summer has been a rough one. I thought it would be a great idea to take a travel nursing assignment at Kaiser in vallejo and live with my parents. It has been such a great experience and so much fun to be by so much family, but I am ready to be reunited with my husband!!! I mainly did it because he had 5 week officer training but after training he came home for 4 days and moved right out to Vegas to start work. We got to go out on a date when he was home and it was so fun to spend time with him and the excitement when they saw him for the first time!!!! He has  been in Vegas for 10 days but he gets to come home this weekend for his grandmas 80th!! And an excuse to visit us! Then we get to officially move out August. 21! 

I've learned that I want to be wherever Jason is, that he is incredibly helpful and I never vcan take him for granted. I've learned that parenting is so much easer when you have another parent to back you up, and be the bad guy 😜. I've learned that my home is where my husband is. I've learned I don't like being alone and pregnant with two kids working full time. I've learned that my husband help keeps me sane and grounded. I've learned that my mom and dad would do anything for my kids and I. Literally they have saved the day over and over again. I've learned my in-laws are absolutely amazing as well! We are so blessed to have such supportive families. 
I can't wait to start this next chapter of our lives and see where it takes us. I am also kinda excited to try the SAHM GIG for a while! Wish me luck working on my budgeting skills haha!



My kiddos were so excited to get a package from one of their best friends from Omaha!!! Hazel squealed with excitement as she got to open it! 

Mitchell is not quite the best at posing he was worried about eating that laffy taffy!! Thanks Quinn and Davis!!! And Ashley too! 
I couldn't make it through reading the card without bursting into tears. And hazel hates when I cry. They were tears of joy knowing we made such amazing friends in Omaha that would remember us- they were also tears of sadness from how much I miss them all! But I do know, that no matter where we are, or where we are going, we have made the best life long friends. 


Six flags and more

Last week we decided to pack as much summer as we could into our week! First we went to six flags! Here is Mitchell finding all the choo choos (actually roller coasters) on the map! This is before he had a blowout and he still had shorts on 😂😂

Britt was kind enough to take the kiddos on the merry go round, I went on one swing ride with Mitchell and couldn't handle any more- oh and Mitchell was just rockin a diaper and shirt here lol

Selfies with my baby (for now)

After six flags, I took hazel and Addie to build a bear. Hazel decided to build an Elsa bear❤️

The next day, I took 6 kiddos, by myself to the jelly belly factory! What was I thinking? No, with enough candy, they were manageable!! These cute 4 girl cousins (not pictured Mitchell and Mac in the stroller)

We ate and bought tons of jelly beans... Mmm.... I love the sour ones!