Christmas in Las Vegas

Since they frown upon traveling at 38 weeks pregnant, we stayed home in Las Vegas for Christmas. All my family was together in Lake Tahoe at cabins in the fresh powdery snow, but we had a relaxing holiday. My last day at work was Christmas Eve, but I was able to arrange to get off early!! Christmas Eve we had a traditional fondue pickett party at Stu and Marci's! 

Acting out the Christmas nativity while stu read it from the Bible. 
The next day we opened presents 


Took naps, played and played and then went to stu and Marci's for a delicious Christmas dinner! They were so wonderful to host us both nights!! I have been so exhausted that I have little motivation to do much! Overall it was so fun and it has been so great to have jason have 2 weeks off!!! 

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