Things to remember

I love to remember these funny little things Hazel is up to, so here are a few recent pictures and sorry if you follow me on IG..

Hazel learned how to take her pants off one night. haha!

Got pretty much all her hair in one pony in the back!

While watching cartoons one morning, all she wanted was this swim diaper on her head!!!

so, Hazel thinks these 'shoes' or boots with the fur are so much fun to wear, they are by far her favorite shoes to wear right now. she also has an obssession with sitting on everything so after she played the drums she then sat on them. oh and we have been having lots of dance parties and she is getting to be quite the dancer!

She loves to put on any shoes she finds. Here she is trying to walk in Daddy's shoes. Today a friend came over and left her shoes by the door and when she went to put them back on hazel was putting them on!

I was trying to get hazel dressed but she is so busy she ran away after i got her shirt off. She found these window sticky things the other day and has been loving seeing what they can stick to, including her belly!!

Oh and there's the Boots again :)

I feel like my iPhone picture taking quality has gone down the dumps lately. sorry for all the phone pictures.. thats the only kind of pictures i ever have time for!!

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Anonymous said...

Yes she is the cutest of the bunch!! I love all of the pictures.