Life lately

when isn't life crazy, right? Well life lately, we are both back in school for summer session but only 4 more weeks. i'm back to working my normal 2 nights a week (i had to make up for my month i missed!) and we both are loving playing with hazel and watching her grow and learn new things.

I don't even know where she learns these things!
we seriously have so much fun.

below is in church today. Today she also had her first full 2 hours of nursery. They said she did great... Last week she went only to one hour. (no, she isn't 18 months until the 22, but our ward nursery said children are welcome on the first sunday of the month of their 18 mo birthday!) Hallelujah... now bring home the sicknesses!! ;)

Oh and i've been getting the itch to do so many little projects in my house (like my kitchen) okay maybe not so little.. but i think i know why i am not satisfied, because i need more spiritual reminders around my house, quotes or scriptures or pictures. Our lesson in relief society at church talked about good music- I need to focus on making my house a holy place, with good music! where everyone can feel the spirit and love of our home. That's my goal, oh and to make dinners this week (with a destroyed kitchen, we ate out almost every night last week.) 


Erin and Zach said...

She is so stinkin cute. Pete was talking about her a lot yesterday after we facetimed. She's a serious heart-stealer ;)

Mallory Wagner said...

Share your quote ideas, I need to make some more prints!

Brittani Hamilton said...

I think someone cleaned the lens off of their iphone! the pictures are so much more clear!

Anonymous said...

She is so cute.So cute!