College World Series

One of Jason's Father's Day gifts was tickets to a college World Series game. We originally were not going to go, but since I have many regrets about things we never did while in Utah, we have decided to do as many Nebraskan activities as possible! :) so we splurged and got decent seats, left hazey with a sitter and went to the game. It was game 7 LSU versus UnC and we each picked a team to cheer for (since we weren't dying for one or the other!) Jason picked LSU because Brian Wilson pitched there, so I got UnC.. And who won? My team! Hehe. We did leave in the 8th it was too hot! Next year, night games only!!

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Anonymous said...

It is really a good idea to go and do whatever you can while you are anywhere! Well - you know what i mean!! XOXO