Never Say Never

No, not like the Justin Bieber lyrics, although he is coming to Omaha July 6th and I am dying to go.. anyone wanna go with???

okay- we were at the zoo the other day with a bunch of neighbors/friends, and 2 of the older kids were looking in the gift shop for things they wanted... they didn't think they would be able to get anything, but then the boy turned to the girl and said:

"Just ask Devyn, She always says yes!"

HAHAHA. Guess what, they didn't ask me, maybe because their moms overhead them...because... had they asked, well...

Look how much i learn about myself from these cute kids! But i'm no sure what to make of it, good? they like me. bad? i Never Say Never.... is it bad to always say yes? I need to practice saying no, especially to miss hazel. She can't have every mickey thing she sees in the store.. ;) or can she?

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Anonymous said...

Tell the kids to ask Grandma -- haha!! Especially Hazel. I saw a little kid's tshirt once that said "Who needs Santa-- I have a Grandma!!" It made me laugh. And Hazel has two!! Plus some pretty great Aunties!!