Father's Day 2013

I made Jason this photo book of hazel and him for his fathers day this year. He is such an amazing dad! seriously! When I went to arizona for a week and Jason kept Hazel, i got several comments from the other moms around here who were so impressed with how well he was with hazel, always dressed cute, always took her out to play and to the playground, and she always seemed happy.. well and the fact that he was so willing to keep her for a whole week without me!! He is so amazing, not only that time, but all the time and hazel is so cute and will often look all over the house for her daddy when he is at school. We love you jason and hope you had a great day!!

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Anonymous said...

Jason is a wonderful daddy and you are wonderful also. Hazel is learning what love is all about!! XOXO

Erin and Zach said...

Aaaaww Devy, this is so sweet! What a thoughtful Mommy to give him this precious book :) XOXO