my own.

my own body. It's weird when you start having kids, and nursing.. you feel like you will never have your body back to yourself. I stopped nursing like 5 months ago, but you forget that you don't have to share anymore. i will admit i am much harsher on my body, i workout harder, i eat worse, i drink too much diet coke.. but i also get to go donate blood tomorrow. oddly, i never thought i would be excited. I like to save lives. besides, at church on sunday, they announced "if you aren't pregnant or breastfeeding, come give blood" because just about every other person in the room is pregnant and then almost all the rest are nursing. haha. but truth is, as much as i enjoy donating blood, i am really looking forward to sharing my body again someday. (not an announcement.) because this seems so long ago:

I can't wait for Baby Mac to arrive, although he will either give me my baby fix, or make it worse ;)


Anonymous said...

I remember baby Hazel. Now she is a big girl!! Wow- that was quick!!XOXO

Brittani said...

Come on baby MAC!! Make it worse! We want more cousins!