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I love this quote. I have been trying to get Hazel to give me kisses for sometime now, and she kinda does, or at least will let me, but will not let Jason. So we have been making a point to kiss each other in front of her so she can see. We are the opposite of PDAers.. we are not very publicly affectionate at all..maybe at one point but not now, not even really in front of Hazel. So it is a lot of fun to have a reason to HAVE to :) i love kisses from my husband so i wish we were better at that. My parents...gross... well anyways, they always kiss and growing up we would always start yelling, EWWW... gross..... But really, I am SO grateful for parents who love each other and who make it known to us kids that they love each other so i hope i can let my kids know how much i love my husband and they say actions speak louder than words ;)

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