Auntie Erin comes to play!

This weekend Auntie Erin came to play! Even though she was swamped with work she managed to play with hazey, cuddle with hazey, watch TV with hazey and even change a poppy diaper!! She also took us to dinner and we went shopping and did her hair of course! Oh and we watched pitch perfect. That movie is hilarious!


Erin and Zach said...

OBSESSED with the iBaby photos. Man, she is so sweet. So are you! Thanks for taking great care of me - feeding me, doting on me, doing my hair, dealing with me working the WHOLE ENTIRE time. Next time I will be better! Love you so much! XOXO

Mamawags said...

looks like erin gotta a lot of love in!! love auntie erin!

and I love pitch perfect :)

Anonymous said...

Oh what a fun sister weekend-- oops! And Jason too!! XOXO