RIP car.

Our car was declared a total loss. Boo. BUT on the plus side we were given a very nice chunk of money for that wonderful car of ours... it was a reliable, great gas mileage, trustworthy friend that never had any problems. We probably would have kept that baby for a few hundred thousand more miles. okay maybe exaggeration but it was going at that rate. so now our big decision, what do we buy. Oh car shopping, we meet again. and since i only have my beautiful rental for one more week we better hurry. I am currently driving a 2011 Mazda CX-7. it is very nice i feel so spoiled in it. going from a small car to a nice suv will do that i guess. It even heats up quicker than my honda did which is a plus considering the freezing cold, snow, ice, freeze your face off weather we have.
~my dream car will include
*a remote starter (i can always add that in later, right?!)
*a very powerful heater and AC
*safe for my baby.
*gets me from point a to point b
these are my pickiest expectations. I hope all those are in our budget :) (okay i am much pickier than that, but i will be very happy to have a working car!)

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Anonymous said...

Oh the places you will go in that new car!!!!