Hazel Prayers

Hazel's prayers have becoming more personalized these days, as in she doesn't repeat the exact phrase for every prayer. It is so adorable and sometimes hilarious to hear her concerns and wants. For example, on Sunday, Mitchell and Jason stayed home from church because Mitchell has a cough. Hazel is just getting over her cough so she asked why Mitchell is staying home because he is a little bit sick, but she is a little bit sick and going to church.. Valid question my Hazel... I responded in the best way I could and told her that Mitchell is more likely to get all the other kids sick because he likes to put things in his mouth. Her prayer then consisted of, "Please help Mitchell to not lick anything.."
Some other requests, "Please bless that we can paint tomorrow" "Please bless that Quinn and Reese can come play." "Please bless that we can go to Disneyland again."

I love the tender mercies of our sweet children. I guess she is learning how to pray, and this is only the beginning... :)

On another note a few of my favorites from Disneyland

Hazel after her bippity boppity boutique 

Riding the carousel

Mitchell giving mommy kisses 😍😍


Erin and Zach said...

Yaaayyy! You are posting again. Love sweet Hazel and Mitchell! Miss you guys.

Cathy said...

Let's go to Disneyland!!