First all, Thank you to all of my family and friends for your love and support during my journey. Especially Jason. He is stressed enough in school, but when I was in school too- it may have stressed him out more ;). Thanks for letting me reach my goals Jas!!!

I finally got my Bachelors. It's about freakin time, right? Well, I was on the long path and let me take you down my schooling journey.

2006- Graduated high school & Cosmetology school
2007,2008- played around, got my first 'F', changed my major from pre-nursing to business and started taking some general courses.
2009- committed myself to becoming a nurse, although i had always wanted to, I never thought I was smart enough (hence my F) or dedicated enough, this time I meant it. started completing pre-requisites for nursing school
2010- Accepted to Nursing 
2012- Graduated with my Associates in Nursing and passes my NCLEX-RN
2012- was accepted into a BSN program
2013- Graduated with my Bachelors of science in Nursing.

I think I am all done with school. 

For now.

I can't wait for my Diploma to arrive.

I didn't really believe I had graduated, until today, when I logged onto my school account and found this:
Degree Application Details
StatusDegree TypeDegreeMajorGraduation Session/YearWalking Ceremony Session/YearAction
Degree PostedOtherBachelor of ScienceNursingFall 2013 
Status Key:
  • Degree Posted - Your degree has been posted to your transcript. Diplomas will be mailed within 4-6 weeks. If needed, you may order a transcript documenting your completed degree by selecting the "Transcript Request" link on the left side of this page. Congratulations!

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Anonymous said...

Devyn I am so proud of you!! And I love you so much. What were you thinking girl?? You are a Wagner!! A job well done!! XOXO