A California Christmas

Back to California we went for 11 days! We had a BLAST but as always, it's nice to be back in our routine. 

We arrived December 19th. First stop: 
In-N-out burger

Mmm... Love me a burger and animal fries! Any good burger recommendations here in Nebraska??

A few clients, a few parties, tons of good food and treats for the next few days

Oh and a sharks game!!

Blowing out some birthday candles

Sunday church with daddy: on her actually birthday!!!!!!
Opening birthday presents with Grammy 

Christmas Eve {a day early} for our Ethan and Addie. Edward got crazy... Especially with the 49er win!
Is it sad that that is the only picture I have from the whole night! Haha

This was Christmas morning, Hazel was trying to take videos of everyone. She's fun!

Friday the 27th we got to go to the BYU bowl game at AT&T park... Bummer game, but fun time!

Super cheesin! 

While we were at the game, hazey got to ride bikes with uncle pete!!

Oh and somehow I don't have a single picture from her 2nd birthday party! More on that to come!


Anonymous said...

Man that was a fast vacation!! We are missing you already!! XOXO

Erin and Zach said...

Boy is she cute!! I can't wait to see you guys - hopefully she turns "No Erin" into "Yes Erin" after ;)