Omaha visitors!

Last weekend we had the best visitors out here in omaha!! Britt rich and Mac came on Wednesday (rich had to go to some work meetings until thur night) so it was britt Mac hazel and I to play!!! We had doctors appointments to go to, we went out to dinners, shopped, nails done, card games played- oh and Brittani and rich treated us to an amazing steak dinner! If you ever happen to be in Omaha it is apparently the best not only in omaha, but one of the top steak houses in the US! The Chop House! Delicious! Thanks britt rich and Mac for coming and playing!!!! 

Oh and Brittani let me drag her to Zumba class a couple times:)!!!! 

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Erin and Zach said...

Love it! So cute! Miss you guys already.