Hazel and I were lucky enough to take a trip up to Chicago for a long weekend to visit erin!!!! In her NEW house!!!! while pete was out of town.... PARTAY!

The new house is absolutely AhMazing! lots of stairs, but a great workout. We got a tour of the house, and afterwards, Hazel continued to walk around saying "Check it out guys, check it out guys..." hahaha

we ate a lot of delicious food. Erin took me to her awesome workout studio The Bar Method, which kicked my butt!, shopped, froze to death, watched TV, hung out, late night chats, and some other fun events!!!

We were so spoiled! Erin even made this sweet potato chili to die for. It is yummy. I may steal the recipe for the chili cook-off.

We miss auntie erin and uncle pete already! 

love my little cuddle bug

with how cold it was, we watched some extra tv :)
Hazel trying to change auntie erin's diaper
This is how we survived taking Hazel shopping!
on our trip home, hazel stole my bagel.

Thanks Erin! we LOVE you!

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Erin and Zach said...

Thank you SO MUCH for visiting. I had the best time and I miss you both so much already. Hazel is so fun and I always love getting to spend time with my little sissy. I hope I get to see you again soon!! Love you love you love you!