Congrats Zachy!!!!

Congrats to my only younger sibling Zachy on graduating high school #2
in his class, 4.69, full ride to byu, male athlete of the year!!! I am
so proud and he gave the best talk last night. He Is such an amazing
example and I look up to him so much for being such a worthy
priesthood holder I can't wait for him to be out at byu with us!!! I'm
so thankful families are forever!!! Ps good luck Jason I miss you but
I love doing everyones hair in napa :)


Brenda said...

Yay Zach! I can't believe that he's already graduated; how time flies!

Chelsea said...

Wow, thats an impressive little brother you have! I Miss you!!! See you soon!

Cathy said...

Devyn You make me so happy! Wasn't that an awesome evening..only wish that Jason could have been there!