Napa Thanksgiving

So much fun, so little time, especially no time to blog while at home.. so here's how our turkey day went! We loaded up the car, 5 of us, and drove home last tuesday. Home by tuesday night and mom and dad were not even home, left a note that said, "went to meet the volturi." I was scared for a second that mom and dad hadn't been telling us something... but then i just figured they probably went to see new moon. Wednesday hmm.. i did hair all day so im not really sure what everyone else did. then.. the day we had all been waiting for arrived. woke up bright and early and off to the annual Turkey bowl game.
(im not really sure what jason is doing in this pic.. HAHA)
Then of course we stopped at 7-11 on our way home to get some drinks and ryann got a hot dog and then home to clean up and get ready for food! Thanksgiving dinner at grandma's is always the best, the kid table and the adult table, and i am still at the kid table!
part of the kids table! Funny story, all of our glasses were filled with water, but when they pulled out the maritnellis, it was a race to see who could finish their water first. Little ethan was struggling, and could not get his water down and the martinelli's was going fast- so he asked me to drink it. of course i did, and then he proceeded to say "Im sick auntie devyn, i hope you don't get sick, hehe." Thanks ethan- i can feel it coming on already- BOO! thanksgiving was delicious as usual, and after the wagner dinner we headed over to the pickett dinner. yumm two delicious dinners in one night- wow. the rest of our trip home was fun, a lot more hair, but totally worth it. and sunday we made the trek back to utah. I love thanksgiving, all the food family! and there is soo much to be thankful for. At the pickett thanksgiving we had to go around the table and say something we were grateful for starting with 'A' then the next person would have 'B' and so on.. well i got 'C' so i was definitely thankful for my 'C'ute husband, and my cute husband got 'D' so he was definitely thankful for his 'D'evyn. What a sweetheart.


Rich, Brit, Nugs, and CK said...

i am so glad you got to come home and i love my hair and i already miss you

{april kennedy} said...

It was fun to hang out with you! I love my hair too! And Brit's is really cute too. I noticed it at church on Sunday. Can't wait to see you at Christmas.

Cathy said...

DEvyn I miss you and that cute husband of yours already! And i am so totally hungry looking at the picture of all of the foorD Have you seen the pictures yet??? Sooooooo good of everyone!!