baking frenzy.

i love to bake. a few creations recently.
red velvet cupcakes (cream cheese frosting.)

carrot cake cupcakes (once again cream cheese frosting.) with some carrot slivers on top
my first fondant cake. white cake, strawberry filling, marshmallow fondant(homemade) all thanks to youtube and my mom for teaching me.


Mamawags said...

oh how I wish you lived down the street from me!! I'd be over soooo fast :)

Brittani said...

WOW! I want to make a fondant cake. i am looking it up right now. I miss you a ton devy!

Mallory said...

i hear marshmallow fondant is the best, you need to teach me your tricks

Cathy said...

Great job Devyn--but those all look like a ton of points!! (But worth every point!)

{april kennedy} said...

I am going to go buy a carrot cake right now. I need some of that cream cheese frosting. I know its the Sabbath...but we are on vacation so it doesn't count (even though we did attend all three hours of church today in the san clemente 1st ward)!

Carrot cake was our wedding cake and I've been craving it now since our anniversay two days ago.

Love the red velvet ones. How do you make them moist. It's always a gamble with red velvet when I order them?

Oh and also, our favorite Frozen Yogurt shop here in San Clemente had red velvet for one of their flavors and it was YUMMY! Super moist!!!

Chelsea said...

Yum!! You make the BEST cupcakes!! I miss our baking days in Chicago!

katie said...

My oh my! I'm very impressed.