Happy birthday auntie Brittani!

Please Excuse my swollen +50lbs prego self ;)

Dear Auntie Brittani- Thank you for helping my mom get me out- and for helping her the whole time i was in there with all the questions she had and for being there to meet me as soon as i arrived. I can't believe how blessed I am to have such a special auntie who has given my mommy so much support. She tells me that not only since i've been around but her entire life you have given her strength and support to be the person she has become. We wish we lived closer or at least see you more often but thank goodness for FaceTime. I hope you had such a great birthday and sorry this post is a bit late, but my mom said that you like to extend your birthday out as much as you can!! I love you and my mom and dad love you too!! can't wait to see you again!!! Love your newest Niecey Hazel.. and my parents too!

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Brittani said...

I LOVE YOU HAZEL! I miss your sweet face and your mommy's face and your daddy's face- but mostly you because you are squishy and snuggly and i bet you have really good baby breath and you smell so nice and even though your poop doesn't smell like buttered popcorn I want to hold you and kiss you and love you forever and ever. lets facetime tonight?!